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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Happy Laura and The Seaside

Ever since I decided to make this blog there hasn't been a day where I've wrote anything about my feelings because I've actually been happy these past few days I've had this so I hope this a good sign and I hope that when I go to sixth form everyday is different and fun and that I make friends with people I've not spoke to before and learn but enjoy it. I'm excited but nervous. Today's been good I've been out with my grandparents to the beach it was a nice sunny day but when we decided to go to Morpeth it started to rain so we just went back to my grandmas cottage and had cheeseburger and waffles and beans woop. Home now unfortunately and I'm bored lel 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Okay so today was another casual day i bought some new things, Mr Bean DVD set as I have grew up with him and loved watching him since I was a little girl and also I bought an Oasis Canvas well it has Liam and Noel on it who I love so I am a happy girl I also bought my hamster a new ball which is clear and has pink door things idk what they are called haha, I'll leave some pictures down below of my DVD set and canvas but I'm sure you don't want to see a hamster ball. Oh and also i have a new phone case i must show you that. Later on I'm going up to my grandmas for tea so that should be fun because I love spending time with her and my grandad. Oh i also took a cute picture of my hamster Tibbles for you all to see, Happy days!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A casual day in my life.

OK, well today I didn't do anything interesting I stayed in my bedroom on the laptop and then I got bored so I started messing on doing my make up and my hair and it actually turned out quite well and I looked better then most days but it always does that to me when I ain't going anywhere and when I am going out it looks horrendous... Just my luck. I'll put some pictures down below and also last night I did a make up tutorial and I used cheap products which most people would think 'Ew I'm not buying that rubbish' but really its great so I would be grateful if you could check that out which I will leave the link below aswell, also I'd be happy if you people could leave some comments below onto what I can write my blog posts about.

Monday, 25 August 2014

My day.

Ok, so today I woke up at like 11am and did my normal morning routine and then went out with my Mam and Dad to a car boot sale it was so big but all we got was a 20p vase for my Mam's flowers, not very interesting. So, we decided to go to Dalton Park which is a big outlet place with lots of shops and i picked up a few things, some Adidas booties, Compact powder, Eye shadow and an eye shadow brush, I will put some pictures down below. I reckon I'll spend the rest of my night in my room watching Youtube videos and on Skype to Brad and just doing the usual shizzle. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Start.

Hey, I'm Laura and I'm 16 years old and today on the 24 august 2014 I've decided to start writing a blog. I've been inspired to write this by Zoella, a very popular vlogger who i found on YouTube a few months ago when i was searching for some tips on how to deal with anxiety and this was when I started watching her videos and I really enjoyed them. I've been really inspired by her as she believes writing a blog helps build up confidence so here it is. 

Zoellas blog-