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Thursday, 25 September 2014

I met Luke!!!!!!!!!!!~

So today guys, i met my perfect Luke Friend and he's honestly the most beautifulest guy i've ever laid my eyes on with the personality of gold. I actually got a selfie with him and give him my card i wrote for him about how amazing i think he is. Not only that the other day he answered my question on instagram via video and said my name. This week has been the best week of my life and i can't even describe how amazing today really was. I'm gona be uploading Videos of him to my Youtube Channel but they are taking ages to upload so i'll leave the link below and my beautiful selfie with him, i look ugly but he just makes the picture perfect so yeaahh. Happy Days~ #takeontheworld

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Metrocentre buys~

Today was a bit of a shit morning but whatever i got over it and got ready and went to the Metrocentre and bought some new stuff. New Uggs which I've needed for quite a while considering I had my Gray ones for like 2 years and they are a bit tatty now and i got my blue ones which are like too big.. so i got some new ones from Primark for £8. Then I went to the body shop, let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop products for a long time just never really think about going there. The smells are amazing and the tastes, is that weird? I taste lip balm but whatever so anyway, bought some new lip balms to try out, first i got satsuma shimmer and I got another called raspberry however, stuff was 3 for 2 so i also got a strawberry hand gel which is nice so all is good that was £4.50 Then i went to Asda and bought an eye liner and a new candle. Not very interesting if I'm honest but yeah. Now I'm gonna have a bath wash my hair and relax and watch YouTube. Adios, thanks for reading~  Pictures below. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Just ranting on~

Hey, just me again. I just thought I'd write this post as i have nothing better to do. I am happy with writing my blogs but i think i need a bit more effort into them, they're rather boring and i don't think people are gonna bother reading them. So I've thought about it and I think for sixth form in extended project and I'm going to produce my project on blogging/vlogging, just because i would love to become a Youtuber like Zoella, Pointlessblog everyone like that but right now I don't have enough confidence to make amazing videos and i have no idea how I'd do them so doing ict in school also might help I'm so excited for the future and considering Zoella only came to start blogging/vlogging at the age of 19 (I think) who knows what could happen, it's doubtful though. I hope my project can help me with this though because it will motivate me to actually make an effort with this so I can pass as it is an AS Level. Nevertheless, I hope that I can actually do my project on it as I have to produce an end piece which can be a report or a finished product or something? a 5000 word essay? I'm scared. Anyway, my day today was quite plain really, just same old. Having a few lessons and frees and whatever. My group of friends is all boys because girls suck, ha, I don't care love my friends :) Anyway I'm just blabbing on again so bye bye. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First September Blog.

Ok, so as you can see this is my first September blog. This is because everythings been a bit too much lately a lot of arguments with people and also starting sixth form but todays like a new start really now that i got rid of the two idiots that felt the need to insult me they are now blocked and surprisingly i had over 20 people sticking up for me yesterday which was like amazing, thank you if you were one of them. Today was really funny at sixth form tbh with my friends Georgia, Daniel and Rosie they were great. Basically Daniel got a cup of cappuccino and then he started sticking his finger in it and counting too see how long he can cope with the pain of the heat it was hilarious and then we started drawing retarded pictures of each other and did a group drawn and stuck it on Mrs Buxtons notice board we were all crying laughing. I hope everyday is full of laughter because i really enjoyed my day and i love the friends i have. If you would like to see the video i will upload it to youtube soon. My Channel: