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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Liebster Awards~

Thank you for the Nomination! <3

So I've been nominated for the Liebster award it seems fun so I'll give it ago :) For those who don’t know this an award created for smaller bloggers to get noticed and connect.  

So questions: 

1. Something you can’t live without? (beside your phone)
Well this is a hard one because my phone is definitely one of the main things I couldn't live without. I would say my family is something i can't live without but of course that's for everyone so I'm going to go with Luke Friend... for those of you who don't know me I'm totally obsessed with this boy. He's perfect in every way. His cute dimples and dreads. For those of you who don't know Luke Friend, he came third in the x factor in 2013 i was in love since day one and his new single is getting released soon and I'm so excited so you best be all going to check out his music after reading this! 

2. Favourite blog?
My favourite blog... well of course its Zoella's.. Zoella is the person who inspired me to write a blog, I found Zoella when i realised i suffered from Anxiety and I was watching peoples stories on YouTube and i came across Zoella's Anxiety q&a and I've loved her ever since!

3. Dark cut crease or neutral smoky eye?
Hm, well I kind of like both of these looks but I think my favourite would be the neutral smoky eye as I don't really suit dark cut creases all that well. 

4. Favourite beauty product EVER? (this is a hard one)
Damn you're right this is a hard one... very hard indeed. I have a lot of favourites but I'm going to go with my favourite being the Maybelline Color tattoo 24 hour in shade on and on bronze the reason for this is, till I discovered this product I never ever wore eye shadow because I didn't think I suited it but this cream eye shadow changed my opinion completely! I'm eye shadow obsessed now! 

5. Foundation brush or fingers?
Well I think I'd love to say Brush but for me its my fingers..  I've never really gotten used to using a brush I just don't have the brush technique to blend in the foundation so I just use my fingers to blend.. I don't know I just think its easier.

6. What, without a doubt, always makes you smile? (It could be a person, activity or object)
My best friend Emma. We always have our ups and downs and many arguments but I've known her since the start of secondary school and she changed me for the best and I wouldn't be where I am today without her. We have so many inside jokes that no one else understands and we are always laughing at the stupidest of things like when we saw this man in town and he had like one of those pilot hats on and we decided to give him the name moon man.. (I don't even know) but we always laugh at it along with other amazing memories we have together. 

7. Best memory?
Best memory, has to be when I met Brad we are a long distance couple and we were together a year before we met and the day I met him was the best day of my life, I do have a video of our first meet that I can post down below if you would like to watch :) Being with Brad in person were the best memories ever and to make this better he's coming to see me again in April!

8. Story behind your blog name?
I don't really have a story this blog did start off being called a-handful-of-lauras-life but I decided to change it to my Instagram name which is laurathompsonxo so yeah no interesting story behind that. 

9. If you could live one day over again, which would it be?
Definitely the day i met Luke Friend! I literally nearly cried when i met him and got a selfie with him and listened to him busking on the main street in town! 

10. Weirdest thing you've eaten?
Ugh... well I don't think I've ever ate anything weird.. do Muscles count as weird? No not the muscles in your body them muscles you get in a jar in vinegar.. I don't know.. but I really like those and ain't had them in ages.

11. Favourite quote?
We accept the love we think we deserve. 

Well I don't think I have anyone I could nominate so yeah hope you enjoyed reading! 

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