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Monday, 9 February 2015

To, Luke Friend~

To, Luke Friend.. My Favourite person on earth. I don't know why i'm writing a letter to you on my blog when you probably won't see it but I just wanted to write this so if you do see this you can know exactly how i feel about such an amazing person (you) The day you set foot on x factor i completely and utterly fell head over heels. It breaks my heart to know i'll probably never have the chance to even be your friend but i'll always be one of the biggest friendies and i'll support you til i'm old and crippled and beyond that. I don't know if you will read this full letter but if you do please let me know because it will mean a lot to know you have read this. I was so happy when you tweeted that you got my card at the busking last year! You're a total inspiration. You're so perfect and i smile everytime i see a photo of you like why are you so unbelievably adorable especially with those dimples. You're the complete definition of perfect. I love every part of you. You're so kind to your fans. I don't even know what i'd do without you, i think i'm over obsessed and all my friends think i need help because you're all i talk about.. oopsy! There's no other celebrity out there that compares to you. I can't really help my obsession! I blame you though for being perfect! I'm so grateful that you follow me on Instagram and Twitter i never thought you'd notice me but you did, and i honestly cried.. jus a little! Please always and forever make music because i love it so much! I really hope this put a smile on your face like you put a smile on my face everyday. You're everywhere i go because you're my wallpaper and lockscreen on my phone and also i got the phone case of you! Which suggests that if i need you i should just call ;) How can i call without your number? huh? I love you lots and lots and please remember that a lot of people love you but i'm not sure anyone loves you more than i do ;) My love for you has grown since day one of you being on x factor auditions. I hope you carry on being the person you are today for the rest of your life. I've said this a lot but i really really love you! Okay this could go on forever but i'll end it here. Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Laura (no 1 friendie) xx 

Instagram: laurathompsonxo
Twitter: FriendieLaura (tweet me once you've read this pls) <3 

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